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One of the founding members mottos is 'helping the disadvantaged help themselves'. So although our focus is to get the children off the streets and provide them with family homes, we also initiate Educational support programmes aimed at keeping children in education. One way we do this is by reaching out to children who may have parental care but whose families do not have the means to send them to school.

With the Educational Support Programs we are able to send children to school by helping with their school fees, transportation expense and other school related expenses. In some cases, we make special arrangements with the schools to provide lunch to students who skip meals because they do not have the means to buy food.

Under this program, we also intend to work together with other non profit organisations in Negros towards the elimination and prevention of child labour and get the children to be at the school instead, thereby giving them a chance at a better future.

We continue to operate and manage Balay Dalangpan with zero management and administration costs because it is entirely run by volunteers and founding members who provide their time and premises free of charge, and who never charge us for their expenses. Therefore every dollar, peso or pound donated really does make a difference.

Thank you so much for your help. We really appreciate it.

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  • Balay Dalangpan sg Kabataan Foundation Inc.
  • China Banking Corporation
  • Bacolod North Drive
  • Bacolod City, Negros
  • Peso Current Account No.: 106152000017
  • US Dollar Savings Account No. 106100000094
  • Swift code: CHBKPHMM
For other means of donating, or if you wish to donate in kind, please send us an email at or call/text us at +639177166855 (Judith).

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