Meeting our Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas Campus (a.k.a Pisay) scholars for the first time was awe inspiring! Informed by the faculty-in-charge about our scholars’ skipping meals sometimes due to their meager allowance, I was expecting the students to request for additional support. So to give them the chance to air their concerns, I asked them in what way can Balay Dalangpan best help them. To hear that it was their wish that we extend help to other students who are in dire need as well, without a mention of their own budget issues, was definitely not what I expected! It was a blessing to be in the company of these very smart  girls who, despite their own woes and their young age(!), reach out to others with their big hearts through a selfless community spirit. If these girls exemplify the leaders of tomorrow, what  GREAT world citizens Filipinos would be! This thought alone makes all our time and effort at Balay Dalangpan worthwhile.

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