When you live in the Philippines you often read about the shocking conditions that some of this country’s children have to endure. In fact I don’t need to read as I see examples all the time. Sometimes you read a story or a picture and it really tugs at your heartstrings. All sorts of emotions can run through your head: ‘what on earth were the parents thinking?’, ‘how come there are children like this when other rich kids are wandering the malls with their iphones?’ etc. But getting angry and frustrated doesn’t help the kids who need our help right now. I really wish the Philippines could make some fundamental changes to its government and society, but the reality is that things aren’t going to change quickly because of entrenched immoral practices and general acceptance by many that extreme poverty is a way of life for the unfortunate. This particular story caught my eye because it refers a few times to children being ‘rescued’ by the police and other organisations. Please have a read but it is shocking. This isn’t something from a movie – it is really happening to real, vulnerable children. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/focus/01/26/14/horror-ph-online-child-sex-abuse-village Its great that these rings are being broken up and all credit must go to our friends in police forces around the world including the Philippines in coming together to tackle this issue. There’s obviously a long way to go yet, but the good news is that these stories are making headlines here so hopefully attitudes will start to change. The part that interests us at Balay Dalangpan is the so-called ‘rescue’. Actually we know from talking to the authorities in Negros that they are really struggling to find appropriate homes for many child victims of abuse with some being made to sleep in government offices and police stations. There just isn’t anywhere to put them. That’s where we come in. By building one of our first homes near Bacolod, Negros, at least we will be able to take some of those ‘rescued’ children and start their rehabilitation into normal life again. There’s a real need for this facility RIGHT NOW. So please help by spreading the word and donating if you are able. Thank you for reading and thanks for your support. Rob

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