Our friends and Supporters, Thanks to your help, we made it! We have achieved the first major milestone for Balay Dalangpan.

When we established Balay we knew we couldn’t change the world for everyone but we knew that if we worked hard and harnessed the support of others we could at least change the world for a few disadvantaged children. We now have enough funds (1m pesos) to buy our first plot of land and with further fundraising efforts in 2015 we should be able to start construction of our first home soon.

We are so grateful to our many supporters who have helped us get this far. The fundraising efforts have been innovative and varied: – 6Dee in the Middle East pledging a proportion of revenue to Balay – unbelievable acts of generosity by individual supporters who just dip their hands into their pockets and donate – the garage sale in Bacolod – the online shop selling good quality branded goods – people donating their winnings such as the guys who ran a World Cup sweep in the office but then gave away the winnings to Balay, – and sponsored participation in the Tough Mudder Challenge in UK Our thanks go to all of you. Thank you for joining this special journey with us. As Christmas approaches, we wish that your homes be warmed by family and friends, with your hearts filled with love and peace. We will be arranging our usual Christmas event for disadvantaged children in Bacolod and hope to bring some of that same love into their lives through gifts of food and toys. We would welcome your support for this special annual event.. Here’s to a great start in 2015! Robert, Mark. Sheryl & Judith.

Tough Mudder

Tom (777770) in Tough Mudder 2014 Charity Event in UK partly in support of Balay

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