BALAY Children’s Village

It was agreed with DSWD in Manila in late 2013 that the area of the Philippines in most need of a home for children was DSWD Area VI. Balay Dalangpan therefore set out to establish its first project near Bacolod City, Negros, and moved its head office from Manila to Bacolod to be able to focus on its first project.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, a plot of around 3,200 sqm for our first children’s village was purchased in 2015 at Felisa near Handumanan, Bacolod.

In December 2015 Balay appointed an architect to develop the design for BALAY Children’s Village and to gain all necessary planning approvals.

The relevant government authorities have been involved in the early planning and design of the project, and are very pleased to see construction now underway.

Our overriding principle is to keep the designs simple and functional to keep costs down as much as possible, but to use good quality workmanship, detailing and materials to ensure operation and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

The 3,200 sqm plot at BALAY is large enough to construct a small village of 6 homes, each able to accommodate 12 children, so that will be 72 children in total. The site is being developed as sustainably as possible with food for the children provided partly by a vegetable garden, and a woodland area where we plan to keep chickens. We are also exploring options for using wind power to run the pump for the deep water well and using solar panels to supplement the electricity supply to keep operating costs down. The home will be able to take in children on a long-term basis, such as orphans, but will also operate as a short-term shelter for children that need to be removed from their communities on a temporary basis because of abuse. The project will be developed in phases as funds are raised – we hope as quickly as possible. The village will also incorporate an administration office and multi-purpose hall, as shown on the latest architect’s layout plan. An architect’s impression of a typical home and the administration building is also shown.

Site Layout Plan

Administration Office

Typical House

Sufficient funds were available in early 2017 to complete an early works construction contract comprising site regrading, drainage works and the construction of a boundary wall. This contract is now underway.

To mark the start of the construction works on site, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on 25 February 2017. A big thanks goes to all Councilors, Government Officials, Teachers, Volunteers, Board Members and the Construction Team who came out to mark the special occasion. As always a big thanks to all our donors for making this happen.

Construction underway on site

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