Educational Support

For only P5,000/USD100 per school year per child. we invite you to become #AChildsBetterFutureBuilder by supporting Balay’s ‘Help Send a Child Back to School’ and ‘Continue Schooling’ Programs.

It is a sad reality that many children in the Philippines are missing out on their right to education by being forced to work because their families cannot afford to send them to school. Helping these children with school supplies and uniforms is not enough.

A child’s daily transport to and from school and regular school projects place unaffordable financial burdens on poor families. Some children need help with their daily food at home too, hence the ‘Family Livelihood Assistance’ program designed to help poor families meet their children’s needs.

The Programs’ target beneficiaries are children belonging to families with a monthly income of PHP5,000 (US$100) or less, with a single working parent or guardian (due to parental illness or death) and who are categorized as ‘Child Labor’ or at ‘Risk of Dropping Out’.

With your help as #AChildsBetterFutureBuilder, you will be supporting this Balay program which is being undertaken jointly with our local NGO partner CAJDEN, who is behind the identification of recipient children, careful disbursement of funds, establishment of livelihood programs for parents and ongoing monitoring and evaluation with recipient communities and schools.

For the School Year 2018-19,  we have further developed the Program so that it embodies a more holistic approach in giving the children and future generations a better chance of being lifted out of poverty.

 Purok Guinhalaran, Silay City Program Beneficiaries

The whole program only requires around P5,000/USD 100 per school year per child.

The table below describes the detail of the #BeAChildsBetterFutureBuilder Program Intervention Logic.

As School Year 2018-19 starts in June we are hoping to obtain pledges from those who would like to help as soon as possible and hopefully before 15 May 2018. This would give us an early idea of how many children we can help this year. Although our target is 50 children, if we get more pledges we could help more as there are at least 100 children in the areas we are covering who are on the potential beneficiaries ‘waiting list’.

Thank you as always for your generosity to the children.

Together we can make a difference, and every little really helps.

Please remember that around 97% of every donation to Balay really goes towards helping disadvantaged children as we really do keep our administration and management costs as close to zero as we possibly can.


The Balay Team