Educational Support

Today, we invite you to become #AChildsBetterFutureBuilder by supporting Balay’s ‘Help Send a Child Back to School’ and ‘Continue Schooling’ Programs.

It is a sad reality that many children in the Philippines are missing out on their right to education by being forced to work because their families cannot afford to send them to school. Helping these children with school supplies and uniforms is not enough. A child’s daily transport to and from school and regular school projects place unaffordable financial burdens on poor families. Some children need help with their daily food at home too, hence the ‘Family Livelihood Assistance’ program designed to help poor families meet their children’s needs.

The Programs’ target beneficiaries are children belonging to families with a monthly income of PHP5,000 (US$100) or less, with a single working parent or guardian (due to parental illness or death) and who are categorized as ‘Child Labor’ or at ‘Risk of Dropping Out’.

With your help as #AChildsBetterFutureBuilder, you will be supporting this Balay Dalangpan program which is being undertaken jointly with a fellow like-minded NGO, CAJDEN, who have been working to support Filipino children in need for many years. Bringing our two organisations together for this initiative makes a lot of sense because CAJDEN bring a lot of experience and resources in this field. They will not simply focus on financial assistance for education, but through their parallel child workshops and camps will be equipping children with important life skills and knowledge.

We urgently need you to consider becoming  #AChildsBetteFutureBuilder by sending a child from a poor family back to school or to continue their schooling by covering their school-related expenses.

• PHP500 (US$10) per month provides a full time elementary or junior high school education for a child

• PHP750 (US$15) per month provides a full time senior high school education for a child

• PHP1,000(US$20) per month provides a full time education for a child and assistance to his/her parents with a simple, sustainable livelihood program to teach them to become self-sufficient

Your donation will give these children the opportunity of a brighter future – giving them the chance that all children deserve. Your donations will be used to buy each qualifying child school supplies, a school uniform and bag, and a pair of school shoes, and will also cover transport to school, books and school meals.

UPDATE: Right now, without further support, we are unable to help more than 100 children in various barangays (districts) in Negros Occidental, Philippines who need help urgently now as the school year 2017-2018 has already started.

Help us by spreading the word :)