bd-paypal-mainMission, Vision and Values


Balay Dalangpan’s primary mission is to provide family-style homes to children that have lost the support of their parents. Loss of parental support can be through death or illness, being abandoned or being removed from parental care due to abuse. We will work together with relevant Philippine Government authorities to place our children with adoptive long-term foster parents so that they have the benefit of growing up in a 'real' family environment.  


Our ultimate vision is to see a Philippine society free of abandoned or abused children, where all orphans are taken care of by the community through adoption, thus eliminating the need for children's homes. Although that vision is a long way off, we would obviously not be true to our holistic ideals if we simply provide the cure without prevention. Therefore, within the communities we serve around each of our homes, we will initiate support programmes aimed at keeping children in education and off the streets. One of the founding members mottos is 'helping the disadvantaged help themselves'.  


Our values reflect how we strive to behave and will form a reminder for all founding members, volunteers, staff and of course the children in our care. In no particular order the top five values we have adopted are:
  • honesty - be transparent and open in all dealings and communications
  • modesty - never seek or expect praise for anything we do
  • drive - be determined to reach our goals and live our dreams
  • respect - treat everyone with equal respect and dignity
  • love - treat everyone with love and compassion as we would like to be loved ourselves

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