Our Dear Donors,

You have probably  noticed the new feature on the home page of our website. It shows where we are relative to our goal of raising P1M (USD25,000) for the purchase of the 1,000 sqm plot of land in Bacolod in Negros Occidental for our first village. We are doing OK, but it’s clear that fundraising isn’t on schedule, so we’ve decided to change direction slightly by focusing our efforts on international fundraising. Various attempts at raising funds in the Philippines have been successful, but disappointing in terms of the amounts raised. Therefore, Robert has moved back to the Middle East to work, and is donating at least 10% of all revenue to Balay Dalangpan. Judith and Sheryl have also started a new recruitment business in the Middle East which will also donate at least 10% of revenue to the foundation. Please ask anyone you know based in the Middle East who is looking for work in the construction sector to consider 6dee – by using their services you will be supporting Balay Dalangpan. 6Dee does not charge candidates for their placement services. Whilst in the Middle East we will take the opportunity to hold a series of fundraising events which we are confident will help contribute to reaching our goals quickly. In the meantime, we can assure you that your donations are left untouched and will remain so until they are used for their intended purpose. All expenses to date including administration and set-up costs are covered entirely by the Founding Members leaving your donations safely in the bank. As we turn our focus to more international fundraising, we would welcome any ideas you may have for raising funds, and of course would be really happy if you considered holding a fundraising event. Hopefully we’ll have some good fundraising news for you soon. Thanks for your continued support.


Judith, Robert and Sheryl Founding Members

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