Dear Supporters, We may have been quiet for a while but it’s because we have been quite busy. Moving the charity’s legal entity from Metro Manila to Bacolod City, where we are setting up our first Home, is a long and arduous process. Thankfully we are almost there! As mentioned previously, founding members Sheryl, Mark and Judith have set up Sixdee FZC, a recruitment agency based in the Middle East of which 10% of the revenue goes to Balay Dalangpan. We reckoned that aside from fundraising and pledges/donations, the best way to achieve our goals for the charity is to finance it ourselves as much as we can, hence the charity’s share of Sixdee’s revenue. So the good news is the Project Management Consultant component of Sixdee which is run by Robert, the charity’s President, has been grinding its revenue mill for months now. With 10% of that revenue plus the monthly pledges from donors coupled with the fundraising proceeds, the money in the pot towards the acquisition of the 1,000 sq. m. plot of land in Negros Occ,. now totals to Phil Pesos 546,000 (USD12,700) ???? !!! Starting September, with talented “musicians” in Doha, who have expressed interest to help raise funds for Balay, we are looking towards a hopefully busy fundraising season for the charity’s supporters in Qatar! It would be a great delight if we hear of something similar from Balay Dalangpan sg Kabataan’s supporters in other parts of the world! ???? For the meantime, though busy with fundraising, our scholarship program is ongoing. This activity is financed directly by 2 of our founding members. We are also collecting and distributing pre-loved goods whenever we can. To date, we have also received donations of USD 95.30 and USD 47.50 (net of Paypal charges) towards the Sponsor the Children and Our Second Home in Metro Manila programmes, respectively. As always, thank for your support, we are looking forward to hear from you. Best wishes, Sheryl, Mark, Rob & Judith

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