Meet the Balay Dalangpan Board!

In February 2017 the board was strengthened considerably to help give added support as we extend our educational support programs and as we started construction of Felisa Children’s Village. All the new members are based in Bacolod giving us much stronger ties to the local community and relevant authorities.


Here’s the team!

Doreen Dofitas

Has taken over the role of local fundraising. She was made for this role, with her endless enthusiasm, great network of friends, endless fundraising ideas and energy. Doreen runs her own landscape architecture business so is very connected with nature, and she is already planning what trees to plant at Felisa!

Neneng Ganaba

Joined us to take over the oversight of our educational support programs. Neneng is an inspiration to all of us as she has dedicated her life to helping others less fortunate than herself through her full-time work within local NGOs. She brings with her great connections into the local NGO network.

Gary Celis

Brings some much-needed management and organisational skills to our team, and has taken over the role of Treasurer. Gary works in a faith-based organisation that seeks to assist people find their purpose in life. He conducts workshops, retreats and counselling related to this field.

Robert Hardy

Our Chairman but also responsible for international promotion and fundraising. Rob is a civil engineering manager with a wealth of international work experience and contacts across Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia and very recently the Pacific. Rob is originally from the UK but has adopted the Philippines as his home, but right now is working in Vanuatu.

Mary Judith Mahinay

Our Adminsitrator, but in many ways our guiding light, as Judith was running her own child support programs for years before she formally set up Balay Dalangpan. Judith also devotes much of her time to Balay and has recently completed a Certificate in Fundraising to boost our ability to raise much-needed funds.

The Next Board Member

Is this you? Contact us if you would like to be involved as a Board Member of Balay Dalangpan

It goes without saying of course, that all board members continue to give their time free of charge thus keeping our management and administration costs to an absolute minimum.

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