Our Founding Members

Held together by that special feeling of gratification from helping others, we have put our heads together to come up with ways to best use our talents for the advancement of those who need them most – the underprivileged. Believing that faith can move mountains, we touch lives with our big hearts and our warm smiles, secure in the knowledge that we can rely on thousands out there, who have the same big hearts and warm smiles, to help us help others realize their dreams.


Founding Member
I have been fortunate in experiencing life in many different countries around the world, and I have seen first hand that life simply isn't fair for many of the world's children. The only difference between a child begging on the street and myself is that I was lucky enough to be born to a moderately wealthy family in the UK. I was given the opportunity to make a life for myself. Many children in the Philippines are deprived of the things I took for granted as a child: education, a loving home, and food, and they are usually unable to break out of the poverty cycle. I am an engineer and therefore a realist, so I know that Balay Dalangpan can't change the world for everyone, but if we work hard and harness the support of others we can at least change the world as seen by a few of the most disadvantaged children. Although food, shelter and clothing are of course important, every child needs to feel as though he belongs and is loved. Therefore one of my guiding principles throughout all of our programmes and projects will be to help, as much as I can, but always with a smile, love and compassion. Thank you so much for visiting our website. Contact Robert at robert@balaydalangpan.org. | LinkedIn


Founding Member
As a child, I remember feeling safe every time I was home and so I have always been affected seeing little children having to spend nights on the streets of Bacolod, Philippines. With no one to support and love them, they have to fend for themselves through begging and sometimes stealing. And having no one to protect them, most often than not, they have to contend with abuse from uncaring adults and even from fellow street children who are also prevailed upon by the instinct to survive. I have witnessed how these same children later turn out to be irresponsible adults – those who are considered a disgrace to the society. And these same irresponsible adults bear children who they treat the same way they were treated as a child. And so it becomes a vicious cycle. As almost behind every street child’s story is irresponsible and/or abusive parenting, it has always been my dream to be able to take care of as much street children as I can and nurture them with LOVE, which to me is the most important ingredient in becoming a responsible and caring adult. Knowing that action is essential in showing love, coupled with the desire to share the overflowing gifts that life has always endowed me with, I am taking part in the Balay Dalangpan sg Kabataan Foundation so that others may have the chance to enjoy the same inexplicable joy that I have had in life by sharing my gifts. Contact Judith at judith@balaydalangpan.org. | LinkedIn