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By Mary Judith

Dear Supporters and Friends,

2015 ended on a positive note. We have finally appointed AB Architectual Designs of Bacolod as our lead architect for the planning and design of our first facility in the Philippines: the Felisa Children's Village, Bago, Negros

While we are planning our first children's home we also spent time with local street children within our office vicinity. They enjoyed being taught basic personal hygiene (and owning their first personal toothbrushes!) as well as learning to be more tolerant and considerate of each other. Many of these children have little or no parental guidance or care in their lives.

By the end of the year, after 6 months of feeding, teaching, sending them to school and singing together, they have become magically transformed - gone are the dirty kids, who would roam our street from dawn until dusk. Of course we invited our new friends to a Christmas party to celebrate their transformation.


A special mention must go to three brothers, who after two years of missing school, are now beaming with pride to be now back in full-time education, despite the challenges they face everyday from their lack of parental care and guidance. These boys and their friends know that they will always be welcome at the Balay office.


Our other big Christmas event was the party for 200 of Bacolod's poorest kids from Banago, one of the poorest communities in Bacolod. This was the 20th year that Balay's founding members hosted a Christmas party for the underprivileged children, and this was our biggest event ever.

Christmas2015 area

The children ranged from age 4 to 11. They were simple adorable and so very well behaved.

Banagopic   We thank all our supporters for the special donations of gifts and food which allowed us to make this party a reality. In our next newsletter we will be able to share the first designs of our village from our newly appointed architect. Thanks as always to our many supporters, to whom we are enormously grateful. Every dollar received really does make a difference.   Yours, The Balay Dalangpan Team  
Mary Judith

Mary Judith, with her entrepreneurial skills and international network aims to be a bringer of glad tidings to the less privileged. With a Civil Engineering degree and a Masters in Business Administration, Judith has been active in sales and marketing in the construction industry for more than 20 years.

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