Our Operating Principles

Balay Dalangpan is non-political. This means that it will never support or help any political party, nor will it allow any political party or politician to use the Balay Dalangpan name to further a political cause. This means, for example, that the foundation cannot accept gifts from politicians, if that politician wishes to name himself as a donor in order to gain votes. He may, of course, make a donation anonymously.

Balay Dalangpan is non-denominational. This means that we are not aligned or affiliated with any particular religion, and are tolerant of all those that believe and worship God in their different ways. If we follow this principle, Balay Dalangpan will demonstrate that people of different faiths can work together effectively to do good in the name of God. In practice this means that we respect everyone’s right to choose and follow the religion of their choice, and we shall never act or talk as though one religion is superior to another. All religions recognise the importance of loving one God, loving humankind through charitable works and showing respect to all. Balay Dalangpan keeps these principles at the centre of everything they do.

Members and volunteers give their time and general expenses free of charge. Many charitable foundations spend large percentages of the donations given to them on internal management and administration. One of our key messages to our supporters is that we keep our general management and administration costs as low as possible so that almost everything that is donated makes a real difference to children in need. This means that all those volunteering their time should not expect any monetary return for their efforts, nor should they expect to be recompensed for local expenses such as travel costs, subsistence, etc.

We behave in accordance with our Balay Dalangpan values. All members, volunteers and supporters, when representing Balay Dalangpan, shall behave according to the following values:
  • honesty – be transparent and open in all dealings and communications
  • modesty – never seek or expect praise or recognition for anything we do
  • drive – be determined to reach our goals and live our dreams
  • respect – treat everyone with equal respect and dignity
  • love – treat everyone with love and compassion as we would like to be loved ourselves

Allowable Uses for Donations. We want to be sure that all donors understand exactly how their money will be used and therefore we do have some rules on where donated funds can and cannot be spent. The overriding principle is that donated funds will not be used to cover time or expenses of any volunteers or members. The table below is not exhaustive but attempts to set out where donations can be spent, and more importantly where they cannot be spent.

Donations may be spent on: Donations may not be spent on:
For children in need:
  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure Activities
  • Gifts and Toys
For volunteers and members
  • travel costs
  • accommodation
  • subsistence
  • reimbursement for time spent supporting Balay Dalangpan
  • office rent
  • office operating costs
For children’s homes:
  • Land
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Official Taxes
  • Utilities
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • political lobbying
  • political donations
For staff:
  • Salaries
  • Government-stipulated benefits
  • Training
For volunteers:
  • Pre-approved training
For administration and promotion:
  • stationery
  • postage
  • advertising including website
  • government charges and taxes
  • bank charges
  • transaction costs (e.g. Paypal)

Conflicts of Interest

No volunteer, member, or their associated family members should receive any financial benefit arising from Balay Dalangpan – either as a supplier to Balay Dalangpan or through fundraising activities.

In a small city like Bacolod, it is inevitable that people known to members, or even the friends of Members, will become suppliers to Balay Dalangpan. This is acceptable as long as the Board are satisfied that the best possible price has been achieved.

Other Rules

We don’t want to be bound to lots of procedures but to operate effectively we do need a few house rules to be followed by our founding members, volunteers, staff and of course the children. The more important rules are listed below:

  • Treat everyone equally and with respect
  • Always work with a smile
  • Never waste donations
  • Be prepared to address mistakes, continually improve and learn from others
  • Never use any form of capital punishment, bullying or harassment
  • Always listen carefully to any grievances and take each of them seriously
  • Never pay bribes or get involved in any form of corruption even if it saves the charity money
  • Never smoke or drink alcohol or use recreational drugs in a home
  • Love the planet by caring for the environment

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