Our Story

In December 1995, one of the founders of Balay Dalangpan, Judith, distressed by the number of abandoned children, aged from 5 to 12, wandering aimlessly in the streets in Bacolod, Philippines, gathered around 15 of them together for an impromptu afternoon party to celebrate Christmas. The simple gift of food coupled with a few lively games brought smiles and happiness to those young faces. Being Filipina, Judith has first-hand knowledge of how many poor families and their children struggle to cope with life. Since that date, Judith, with the support of an ever-growing band of volunteers, has held a Christmas event for disadvantaged children every year – that is now an amazing 23 years! With the help of family, friends and volunteers the Christmas party soon grew to bring smiles to more than a hundred children each year. From this small beginning an informal group grew and widened their support to poor communities by supporting:
  • students of poor families through scholarship funding
  • parents through livelihood programmes by providing financial aid and education to help them start simple businesses and become financially independent
  • local farmers by providing them with free tree seedlings to boost their farm production
  • the destitute by giving learning materials, tools and teacher allowances to a daycare centre
  • the elderly through financial aid to a charitable home for elderly
  • poor families by collection and distribution of used clothing, towels and bedding

The principle was always to help those communities and individuals who really wanted to help themselves, but who just did not have the means. There are many in the Philippines who just need a helping hand to improve their lives. Therefore the focus has been on providing families or individuals with the right tools and understanding to take care of themselves.

Many of us take for granted the basic human needs of shelter, clothing and food, and regard it as our birth right to be loved, to belong, and to have access to an education when we are young. There are many poor children of the Philippines deprived of these basic human needs, and therefore they struggle to break out of the poverty cycle, which perpetuates from one generation to the next.

After years of providing this modest support to disadvantaged communities and children in the Philippines, Judith joined forces with others in 2013 to formally establish Balay Dalangpan sg Kabataan, with the primary goal of providing homes for abandoned, abused and orphaned children

So that’s how it all started! Balay is now a fully functioning registered charitable foundation with a controlling Board of Trustees. The foundation is funded entirely through donations from founding members and donors.
Balay Dalangpan is different to most other similar foundations because:
  • it operates with almost zero administration or management costs, as all Board of Trustee members and other volunteers give all of their time, personal expenses and use of their premises free of charge. Therefore, every donation made really does make a difference to children’s lives
  • it is creating small homes with no more than 12 children in each with a home ‘mother’, ‘aunty’ and ‘siblings’ so that children grow up in a loving environment which feels like a real home, not a large institution
  • it is non-denominational and is therefore not affiliated to any particular religion, but it shows respect to all beliefs and cultures. Therefore, it is able to appeal to and support all members of society
  • it is a Filipino registered charity, with the majority of Board members being Filipino, with a passion to resolve the problem of homeless children through Filipino efforts without significant reliance on foreign charity and aid, and
  • it operates under strict financial rules on how donations can be spent to avoid any misappropriation or poor management of funds.
Balay Dalangpan is managed by a 7-person Board of Trustees, 6 of whom are from Bacolod City.

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