Balay’s Coming together for others in 2014

Our Christmas gift-giving to the street children in December 2014 had many firsts. For the first time in 20 years, two founders had the majority of their families involved in Balay’s annual event. A first too for children to wrap their own pre-loved toys to share with their less fortunate peers. In Balay’s two decades of gift-giving tradition, for the first time, we have children  work so hard in the preparation and distribution of the food and other children’s goodies and presents for  giving to other kids  so they too may enjoy the spirit of Christmas ???? Another first was  for us to have been honoured with the support of  friends from overseas, who came to the Philippines for the Christmas holidays, laden with hand carried goodies for distribution at Balay’s gift giving. We were especially blessed as well with extra helping hands, aside from our long time “labourers for love”, for the cooking and packing of food  for at least 150 children.  And what a joy to have a talented photographer who, though was in the Philippines only for the holidays, took  time to painstakingly take photos so we may  share our glee in pictures with Balay supporters all over the world! And so Balay’s Christmas 2014 Event was special in such a way that it was a prelude to what is to come – something that is larger than all of us put together.  What is to come is a result of the working together of adults and children for others, for a better future, a better life!

Caring is Sharing: