Home Mother  will typically be a trained child psychologist or social worker specialising in childcare. She will take responsibility for management of the home, just like a real family 'mother' and will live at the home with the children.

 Her duties will include:

  • budgeting of home expenditure and simple bookkeeping
  • appointment and management of other staff
  • setting timetables for children
  • leading child activities
  • coordinate with volunteers
  • management of home cleaning and maintenance
  • act as a loving parental figure to the children
  • arrange and monitor the children's education
  • be responsible for child health, nutrition and welfare
  • chief fun-maker, hug-giver and smile champion
  • instil discipline
  • participate in continuous improvement programmes
Happy Filipino children

A labor of love through the years

Filipino children
Cook. Each home or group of homes will require a cook possibly part-time to prepare meals for the staff and the children.

The cook's responsibilities will include:

  • development of healthy food menus
  • food shopping
  • take care of the home's vegetable garden
  • maintaining kitchen hygiene
  • meal preparation
  • teaching children  of an appropriate age simple kitchen and cooking chores
Filipino children
Caretaker. Each home, or group of homes, will require a caretaker, possibly part-time to keep the home clean and in top condition.

The caretaker's responsibilities will include:

  • general cleaning
  • gardening and external cleaning
  • laundry
  • simple maintenance (e.g. painting)

Long Term Volunteers

We are hoping for the following volunteers: Architect for home planning, design and supervision of construction preferably with experience of gaining authority approvals in the Philippines and designing similar houses. Nutritionist to act as an advisor to the cook to develop healthy diets for the children. Existing orphanage managers and workers to act as members of an advisory group providing guidance and ideas based upon their experience. We'll be the  first to admit we are new to this, so having a few old hands that we can turn to for advice when required will be beneficial. Physical Educator / Wellness Advisor to provide advice on suitable activities and programmes for children of different ages to maintain their mental and physical health. International fund-raising ambassadors (ideally one from each country or state) to promote Balay Dalangpan in their country or state, encourage fund raising and boost donations. Accountant/Auditor to set up an accounting system, provide bookkeeping and accounting training and advice to our founding members and staff and most importantly to undertake a quarterly audit and produce a quarterly financial report to be published on our website.   If you wish to volunteer for any of the above positions, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email at or call/text us at +639172465369 (Judith).