The Development Plan

This is a typical plan which will be used for development of all of our homes. The dates and estimated costs shown in this example are for our first home in Manila.

Target Date


Estimated Cost US$

Amount Donated

  • Create legal non-profit foundation
  • Gain authority accreditation
  • Agree area for first project
Dec 2014
  • Identify plot
  • Gain planning approvals
  • Purchase plot
Dec 2014
 70,000 (Manila)
25,000 (Negros)
  • Finalise design
  • Construct building
  • Install furniture and equipment
Sep 2015
  • Finalise staff roles
  • Finalise staff requirements
  • Advertise and appoint
  • Train staff
Sep 2015
  • Final accreditation
  • Take in first children
Oct 2015
75 per child/month
  Note: these are high-end estimates at this stage, and will be refined further and updated as our plans are developed. Of course we are working hard to try to find a benefactor willing to provide land through a donation or at a heavily discounted price. If this happens, any unused donations collected for land purchase will used for the construction of the first home.