What We Do

We believe in ‘family’ homes for children. Many children in the Philippines do not have a home – a place where they feel secure, where they can develop, where they are cared for, and where they simply belong. Our primary aim is to provide a family-style home to children that have lost the support of their parents. Loss of parental support can be through death or illness, being abandoned or being removed from parental care due to abuse. Our aim is to give every child in our care the opportunity to discover and develop their talents as they progress from childhood to adulthood. Our child development activities will be structured to teach responsibility to themselves and to others; and independence, so that they are able to look after themselves and their families when they are older. Of course a child’s life shouldn’t be all work and no play, and therefore we’ll ensure that our children have time to play and enjoy themselves, and stay healthy. To create a family atmosphere each of our homes will be managed by a house ‘mother’. Houses will not cater for more than 12 children so that children grow up with ‘brothers and sisters’ living in the same home. House ‘mothers’ will typically be qualified social workers or child psychologists. We understand fully that we can’t replace the real family, and therefore we will continuously work with relevant government agencies to identify adoptive parents or long-term foster parents for the children in our care. Unfortunately the truth is that there will always be some children who prospective parents do not want to adopt, and these children will remain in our care until they have completed full-time education. Our search for adoptive and foster parents will often mean that some children will use our home as a short-term stepping stone on their way to placement with a real family, but even if their stay is only for one week, the home will have done its job and helped to save a life. The chart below attempts to summarize what we do. what-wedo-2